About Us


Recalibrated Performance is an athletic training facility open to everyone and 24 hour access to members. We are similar to a professional or collegiate training facility with state-of-the-art equipment, recovery tools, specialists, and the best recovery options in California. Our athletic recovery room is located inside the strength and performance training facility where you can drop-in 5 days a week and get the recovery professionals and every day athletes use to get them back to peak performance.  


We pride ourselves in bringing the best equipment to our members, every piece has been tested or built to our specifications.

  • Cryoinnovation: Whole Body Cryotherapy Machine

  • Airrelax: Air Compression Therapy Machine

  • Compex: Electrical Stimulation Therapy Machine

  • Hyperice-Hypervolt/Hypersphere: Vibration Therapy Machine

  • Signature Competition Squat/Bench Rack Combo

  • Deluxe Mono Lift

  • 2.5” Rackable Cambered Spider Bar

  • 2.5” Rackable Camber Squat Bar with 12” Offset

  • (2) Texas Power Barbell

  • (3) Texas Deadlift Barbell

  • (2) Texas Squat Barbell

  • (2) REPS Football Barbell

  • (1) Elitefts Texas Sumo Deadlift Barbell

  • (2) Safety Squat Yoke Bar

  • (1) Rogue Ohio Barbell

  • (2) Custom Recalibrated Performance Axles

  • (1) Custom Recalibrated Performance Farmers Handles

  • (3) Custom Recalibrated Performance Sleds

  • (1) Glute Hamstring Developer

  • (1) Custom 45° Hyper Extension Machine

  • (2) Life Fitness Adjustable Bench

  • (2) Old School Dumbbell Flat Bench

  • (1) Old School Dumbbell Flat Bench with Fat Pad

  • Westside Barbell Athletic Training Platform (ATP)

  • Westside Barbell Inverse Curl

  • Westside Barbell Plyo Swing

  • Westside Barbell Supreme Reverse Hyper

  • Westside Barbell Reverse Hyper

  • 12,000+ lbs of Machined Olympic Plates

  • 400+ kg of Rogue Calibrated Steel Plates

  • 5-150 lbs of Troy Pro-Style Dumbbells